First factory in the Middle East region to fully produce these supplies.

We are a three-mas enterprise for industrial investment, a factory was established to manufacture children’s products to become the first factory in the Republic of Egypt and the Middle East region, which produces these supplies in their entirety  .

Due to the country’s dependence on products imported from Europe and China and in accordance with state policy to reduce import volume and dependence on industry  Locally, this factory was established and designed in accordance with quality and international safety standards.

The factory was supplied with the production lines of the best international companies.  Enter any floor and ventilation plant and establish laboratories to test materials and ensure the safety and quality of end products, and depend on the company’s best materials, corresponding to European and American standards.


Our experts have worked for years to present Bubbles bottles.
  • The 3 MAS factory is the first factory in the Middle East to produce high quality baby feeding tools, from ingredients approved by the FDA, under specific quality control procedures, in a dust-free area.
  • We present high quality products, with the safest margin you can trust.  Our Bubbles brand achieves international quality, manufactured under hygienic conditions, and no hand has touched your bottles before your hand.
  • Our experts have worked for years to present Bubbles bottles, the safest and highest quality product, after several medical tests, from nationally approved ingredients.
  • Bubbles bottles are BPA free and made from a polypropylene, they can be boiled and sterilized easily, and there is never any interaction with baby food.
  • The Bubbles bottle is a highly permeable bottle to help ensure cleaning and control your baby’s food.


To manufacture high quality products at a price less than half the price of European products and to reduce the importation of poor quality Chinese products close to their price and to reach the Egyptian consumer to proudly say it all made in Egypt.